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2025 Leadership Hope-Hempstead County Application will be available in September 2024

What is Leadership Hope-Hempstead County? 

Leadership Hope-Hempstead County is an innovative leadership training & community awareness program. The program is designed to identify & motivate emerging leaders and to develop their potential for community leadership roles by exposing them to the opportunities, realities, and challenges of our community.  

Sessions are strategically designed to provide participants with increased knowledge & insight into the many functions & realities of life in our community. Session formats vary but include such things as lively panel discussions, interesting field trips, knowledgeable speakers, and group interaction.

Who Participates? 

Individuals who have a genuine interest in community leadership & who desire to increase their own levels of involvement in community leadership roles are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have the support & commitment to 100% attendance (8 sessions total including graduation). A leadership  applicant must be a member of the chamber (individual member or work for a member business) 


1. Provide leadership development training & help participants develop an understanding of their leadership style. 

2. Provide valuable & interesting information about Hope & Hempstead County.

3. Create unique opportunities for dialogue between participants & community leaders.

4. Stimulate & increase the level of commitment & participation in the community.

5. Build solid relationships among class members for working together on present & future community projects.

Attendance Policy: 

Applicants are expected to attend all 7 sessions + graduation. Excused absences may be allowed for personal emergencies & business obligations. Participants who fail to attend a minimum of 6 of the 7 class sessions may be subject to removal from the program. At the conclusion of the 7-month session, the class will graduate as the 2024 Leadership Class representing Hope & Hempstead  County. If you cannot commit this year, please consider applying for a future session.

Class Project: 

As a requirement for the session, class members must develop & implement a class project that will be of benefit to some segment of the community. The project can be a donation of time, resources, or monies for the betterment of an organization or project. The class will determine & develop a  set of goals for achieving their project.

How it Works: 

Leadership Hope-Hempstead County is governed by the Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of  Commerce. Once the applicant has been notified of acceptance the Hope-Hempstead Councy Chamber of Commerce will invoice the applicant or employer for the program fee of $350. We strongly encourage employers to assist with this fee or provide payment outright for employee/applicant.

Click Here to download application. The deadline to apply is January 15, 2024. 

If you have any questions, please call Christy Burns, Executive Director at 870-777- 3640 or email hopechamberdirector@gmail.com

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